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Veterans' Squares, Plaques, Monuments

West Medford

John L. Murdock
Woburn St & Playstead Rd.

Cook Plaque
Playstead Rd (center strip) opposite Woburn St

Smith Plaque
Playstead Park – Playstead Rd (James Harry Smith Memorial)

Ward 6 Honor Roll
Near cemetery (Playstead & Clewley Rd)

Wood (Gold Star)
Corner of Woods & Bussell Rd

Wood (Gold Star)
Woods Rd & Playstead Rd

Henry J. Doll, Jr
Playstead Rd & Woods Rd (across the street on island)

Roberts (Gold Star)
Roberts Rd & Playstead Rd.

Roberts (Gold Star)
Roberts Rd. & Bussell Rd.

Delta (Gold Star)
Junction of High St and Grove Common

Bennett Delta Plaque
Junction of Grove & High St

Collins Circle
Off of Grove St (near cemetery entrance)

Howland (Gold Star)
Corner of Howland Circle & Grove Street

Grace (Gold Star)
Corner of Grace & Saltonstall

Grace (Gold Star)
Corner of Grace & Pine ridge

Shepard (Gold Star)
Shepard & Laird Road

Frederick L. Corbett Sq.
Ravine & Grove St

Laird (Gold Star)
Grove St & Laird St

Lawler (Gold Star)
Lawler & Grove Street

Lawler (Gold Star)
Lawler & Shepard St (both ends)

Newton (Gold Star)
Newton Rd (both ends)

Harold B. Nelson Circle
End of High St., before bridge

Community Memorial
Junction at Jerome & Sherman St

Duggar Plaque (Duggar Park)
Harvard Ave, near bridge

Samuel Castellano
Corner of Mystic St & High St

Judkins Square
Corner of Woburn St & High St

James Harte
Traincroft & Crocker

Daly (Gold Star)
Daly Rd & Mystic Valley Parkway

Daly (Gold Star)
Daly Rd & High St

Veterans Memorial Park
Winthrop St & Mystic Valley Parkway

Carmine Santoro Memorial
Winthrop St & Mystic Valley Parkway

Davidson Plaque
Essex St & Suffolk (on lawn)

Fennelly Circle
Circle at High St & Winthrop St

Mayor Samuel Crocker Lawrence
Winthrop St & Lawrence Rd

Markey Plaque
Corner of Lawrence & Winthrop St

Craig F. Swain
Wildwood Road & Winthrop St

Gold Star Honor Roll
Victory Park

Paul F. Coates, Sr.
Victory Park

Judkins (Gold Star)
Judkins & Blakely Rd.

Judkins (Gold Star)
Judkins & Whitney Rd.

Minuteman Honor Roll
Library St & High St

Ellis Plaque
Governors Ave & High St

W. Griffin Plaque
Governors Ave (near hospital) up from Ellis Plaque

John “Jack” Powers Sq
Hall Ave & Woodland

Medford Square, Salem Street, Forest Street

World War One
Forest St

WWII, Korea, Vietnam
Medford City Hall

World War Mother’s Marker Drwy
Medford Square cemetery

Ward II Honor Roll
Washington St (near Elks home)

Woodside Square
Junction Washington St & Franklin St

Brogan (Gold Star)
Brogan Rd & Fulton St

World War One
Hickey Park

Brogan (Gold Star)
Brogan Rd. & Park St

Englehutt (Gold Star)
Woodrow & Englehutt Road

Englehutt (Gold Star)
Earley Ave & Englehutt Road

Earley (Gold Star)
Earley Ave & Brookside Parway

Cook (Gold Star)
Westvale & Cook Circle (off Forest St)

Earley (Gold Star)
Earley Ave & Forest St

Barile Square
Barile Square & King Ave

Durkee Square
Sherwood Rd & Mass Ave

Avenue of Memories
Opposite Lawrence Memorial Hospital

Edward R. McEleney, Jr.
Sheridan Ave & Salem St

Michael H. Mobilia
Corner of Fellsway West & Sheridan Ave

Haines Sq.
Corner of Spring St & Salem St

Car Barn
2 plaques MBTA

Yeomans (Gold Star)
corner of Yeoman & Spring St

Dunbar (Gold Star)
Dunbar & Yeoman

Edward L. Argy
Corner Central Ave & Yeoman

Yeomans (Gold Star)
Yeoman Ave & Central Ave

Perrotti Square
Corner of Central Ave & Spring St

Ward One Honor Roll
Franklin School Central Ave

Ralph J. Giordano
Corner Emerald & Yeoman’s Ave

Miller Square
Corner of Myrtle & Lawrence St

Lawrence Lightguard Memorial Plaque
Lightguard Drive

Blake (Gold Star)
Blake St @ corner of Commercial St

Howley Square
Corner of Fourth & River Ave

Zarella Square
Corner of Fellsway & Riverside Ave

McDonald (Gold Star)
McDonald Rd & Riverside Ave

McColgan Square
Corner of Fifth St & Middlesex Ave

Harris Plaque
Corner of second St & Middlesex Ave

Ward Seven Honor Roll
Former Osgood School lawn @ Fourth St

Prescott Plaque
Prescott Park opposite St.James Church

Edward F. Morrill
Corner Fells Ave & Rock Glen Rd

D.R. Toland Square
at Watervale Rd

Toland Square /Daniel R. Toland Memorial
at Watervale Rd & Lund Rd.

Walker Plaque/Vincent Walker Memorial
Former Fulton School Lawn on Fulton St

Brennan Square
Corner of Fulton St & Ames St (near fire house)

Charles A. Yeoman
Corner of Wason & Fulton St.

Molyneaux Circle
Corner of Elm & Fulton Street

John Flynn
M.D.C skating rink Woodland Rd

Parsons Plaque
Junction of Elm St & Fellsway

Griffin Plaque
Junction of Ridgeway Rd & Fellsway

Robert P. Rumley, Jr.
Corner of Fulton St & Fellway West

South Medford and Hillside

Cavanaugh Square
Main St & Mystic Ave

Reardon (Gold Star)
Reardon Road

Mystic Ave near Rt 16

DiCarlo Square
Bow & Main Street

Bennett Square
Bow St

Schoffield Square
Main & Bow St

Stabile Plaque
Main & Medford St

Ward 5 Honor Roll
Curtis Tufts school lawn on Main St

Samuel Stevens
Main & Harvard

Baily Plaque
Corner Woodbine Rd & George St (Former Dame School)

Barry Plaque/Barry Park
Summer St. & Gourley Rd

Gourley (Gold Star)
Corner of Gourley Rd & George St

Gourley (Gold Star)
Dwyer Circle & Gourley Road (both ends)

Gourley (Gold Star)
Gourley Rd & Summer St

Ward Four Honor Roll
Summer St. & Gourley Rd

Edward C. McCarthy
Corner of Summer St & Main St

Arthur A. Freda, Jr.
Summer St. & College Ave.

Leahy Plaque
Corner of West & Cotting St

McLaughlin Square
Winthrop & South St

William McCarthy
Hamilton & North St

Ralph Pote Square
Chester & Sturtevant Terr.

Crowley Rd near Chester Ave) off 101 Winthrop St

Brooking & Greenleaf

Pinkham (Gold Star)
Pinkham & Capen St

Pinkham (Gold Star)
Pinkham & Boston Ave

Piggot (Gold Star)
Piggot & Boston Ave

Hillside Community Plaque
Capen St (near former school’s WWII Memorial)

Scopa Fountain
Former Hillside School Capen St

John P. Scopa, Jr.
Emery St (WWII KIA)

Grant Plaque
Winthrop St (former site of Sacred Heart Church) on site lawn