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Planning, Development & Sustainability


The Office of Planning, Development, and Sustainability combines the previously separate offices of Community Development and Energy and Environment and incorporates new work in economic development and a stronger emphasis on affordable housing than in recent years. This merger is designed to bring the city’s expertise in sustainability and climate change to all planning, development and housing work throughout the city and to leverage the resources of the former Office of Community Development more broadly.

The office has specialists in Sustainability, Housing, Economic Development, Land Use, Zoning and Environment / Conservation. Additionally the office manages the City’s Community Development Block Grant, which is a Federal Program to support and improve the living conditions for people who have low and moderate incomes and makes it a practice to engage a number of area college and graduate students both directly as interns and through class and research projects.

It is the goal of the office to make a sustainable and thriving Medford for all.


Projects + Resources

Boards + Commissions

The following Boards and Commissions fall under the auspices of PDS, with clerical, technical and/or financial support and oversight provided by staff from the Office:



City Hall: Room 308

Alicia Hunt, Director
Phone: (781)-393-2480
Fax: (781)-393-2342


Viktor Schrader
Interim Director of Economic Development

Danielle Evans
Senior Planner

Community Preservation Manager

Ashley Williams
CDBG Grant Administrator

Amanda Centrella

Yvette Niwa
Economic Development Planner

Denis MacDougall
Environmental Agent

Staff Planner, Housing

Theresa Dupont
Head Clerk

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