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Parking on Private Ways

Many of Medford’s streets are Private Ways. Private Ways are typically streets that are owned and maintained primarily by property owners and/or residents on those streets, while public roads are owned and primarily maintained by the City.

See a list of public roads and private ways here.

On Private Ways, both state law and City ordinances set regulations about what parking regulations the City and the police department may or may not enforce. For example, the Medford Police Department may only enforce and/or authorize towing for public safety violations such as blocking a hydrant, blocking a driveway, or parking too close to an intersection.

If a resident or property owner on a private way would like to have a vehicle towed, please note that you must first post signage (see documents below for details), and submit a form to the Medford Police Department. The form is available here and at the link below.

To help educate residents of private ways in Medford, the City has put together a summary of parking policies on private ways. The summary provided is informational only and not intended as legal advice. You can view the summary by clicking here or on the links below.





On June 15, the City held a community meeting on parking operations and enforcement on private ways. Staff from the parking department, Medford Police Department, Department of Public Works and Traffic Department were on hand to give information on private ways and answer questions from the public.

Watch Meeting HEre