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The City of Medford's "Adopt-a-Drain” program is designed to keep local storm drains clean and clear of debris. Adopt-a-Drain is a volunteer program where participants can sign up to care for a Medford storm drain close to their home or work. 

Storm drains are grates on the sides of streets and roads, along the curb. Since asphalt and pavement can’t absorb water, any rain or melting snow flows along the street and into these drains. A basin below the grates, called a catch basin, collects this water and any debris but it can fill up quickly and doesn’t capture everything. Water that goes into the drains – and anything in that water, like trash – empties into nearby water bodies. 








Trash and leaves can clog drains, cause flooding, and pollute our waterways.

Once a drain is adopted, the participant will check on the drain occasionally, especially before and after heavy rain or snow, and clear away anything that is blocking it. Keeping the drains clear ensures that water can flow freely and prevents flooding and pollution. This program will encourage environmental stewardship in Medford and help make residents more aware of our water systems and the impacts we have on them.














A clear drain means clean water can flow to our rivers and lakes!

To adopt a storm drain, click here to sign up. Find a drain in your area by typing in a nearby address or by dragging the map. Choose a drain and claim it by clicking on it. Sign up for the program, give your drain a name, and keep an eye out for a welcome email with more information. You can adopt as many drains as you would like to care for. 

To learn more about stormwater and the environment, visit and explore our tips for keeping our stormwater pollution free. You can find more updates about the City’s environmental efforts on our Go Green Medford Facebook page and for more information about our local watershed, check out the Mystic River Watershed Association’s website,

Medford city services are available to all residents, regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, age, language ability, economic situation, or immigration status.