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Unite Us

About Unite Us

Unite Us is a shared technology platform that works with community partners to help partners provide social care, including sending and receiving electronic care referrals, addressing the community’s social needs, improving health, and identifying service gaps. Unite Us Massachusetts is a coordinated network of health and social service providers that are connected through the Unite Us platform.  

City employees and community partners are able to refer people in need to the correct care providers to efficiently connect people to help. 

Unite Us Consent Explanation

The Unite Us consent is specific to Unite Us, and outlines the ways in which client information may be shared across our network in order to connect them to services. The Unite Us consent is not designed to replace a subject matter specific consent, like a HIPAA authorization, or a 42 CFR Pt. 2 release. Organizations should follow their existing workflow to determine whether they need to capture a subject matter or organization specific consent. If so, users can easily upload and attach a copy of that consent to the client’s referral or record for easy tracking. The client can accept the Unite Us consent via six different methods. Those options include via a secure email link, via secure text link, on-screen, hard copy, verbally (recorded) or via partner attestation. If a client does not provide consent, their information will not be shared via Unite Us to receive services.

Unite Us Referral