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Food Resources

If you are in need of food for yourself or for your family, there are local, state, and federal resources available to you both in the short- and long-term. Click on one of the links below, or scroll down to see more detailed information.

If you are or if you know of a Medford resident who is in need of assistance but may not be able to leave their home, please fill out this form to be connected to a City volunteer:

Free Meals for Kids & Teens
All kids and teens in Massachusetts are able to receive free meals through the entire school year! Find locations at No registration or identification is required for meal pickup. For more information about food resources and access from Project Bread, visit

SNAP Benefits

The extra COVID SNAP benefits in Massachusetts ended on March 2, 2023. You may be able to increase your normal monthly SNAP benefits by telling the Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA) if:

  • Anyone in your SNAP household is 60 or older or has a disability and has over $35/month in medical costs. You don’t need to send DTA proof if monthly medical costs are below $190/month.
  • You have childcare or adult disabled care costs (if anyone in your SNAP household is working, looking for work, or in school)
  • Your rent or mortgage has gone up.

Tell DTA about these costs by sending a written note on DTA Connect or calling DTA at 877-382-2363.

Learn more and find resources to help with food, housing, utility, and other costs at