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Medford’s tree canopy is expanding all thanks to the Forestry Division, and our residents! The forestry division is committed to sustaining the vibrant, healthy, diverse, and unique landscape of The City of Medford. Due to our dedicated efforts in tree planting, we have been named a “Tree City USA” by the National Arbor Day Foundation, continuing to plant over 100 trees each year.

The Forestry Division is responsible for maintaining trees on public ways and in public spaces in the City of Medford. Under the guidance of the Tree Warden, trees are planted, pruned, or removed, as necessary. These practices sustain our urban forest which provides critical environmental and health benefits, as well as increasing property values and cost savings to the City of Medford and its constituents.

Medford adheres to “right tree, right place” philosophy, which is highly recommended by the National Arbor Day Foundation and MA Department of Conservation and Recreation (MA DCR), among other federal and local agencies. The goal is to plant trees, in greater numbers of species and varieties, in locations where they can grow and thrive into maturity. Diversification of species and planting of trees in appropriate locations, especially under urban conditions, will ensure success of trees and provide benefits to the community for many years, even generations, to come.

Tree Inventory


Reminders and Information

- Branches for yard waste collection must be in 3” long, 3” diameter and tied in bundles.

- Shade trees are governed under MGL Chp. 87 Section 3 and cannot be removed unless the Tree Warden or Deputy deems the tree unhealthy and/or dead or approved through a Public Hearing. Public Hearings are requested, in writing, to the Tree Warden.

- If a tree or tree limbs have fallen on power lines, residents can contact National Grid at 1-800-322-3223 or

All about Trees!

City Hall: Room 304 

Aggie Tuden
Tree Warden
Phone: (781) 393-2417
Fax: (781) 393-2422

In an emergency, after 4:00 p.m., please call (781)-393-2445