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Historical Commission


The Medford Historical Commission works to preserve and protect the city of Medford’s historic character and heritage in order to sustain and improve the significance of Medford’s place in American history.

Established under Section 8d of Chapter 40 of the Massachusetts General Laws and Chapter 48 of the Medford Municipal Ordinances, the Commission is the official city body charged with the identification of properties and sites in the city of historical significance, and is the principal advisor to the city on matters relating to historic preservation. The Commission is further charged with reviewing all requests for demolition of buildings constructed more than 75 years ago or that are listed in the National Register of Historic Places or the Massachusetts Register of Historic Places.

Medford Historical Commission

3 year term - not less than 3, not more than 7


Jennifer Keenan, Chair, 250 Grove Street, term expires 12/1/2025

Ryan Hayward, 40 Sheridan Avenue, term expires 12/1/2026

Doug Carr, 124 Boston Avenue, term expires 12/1/2025

Peter Miller, 28 Corey Street, term expires 12/1/24

Edward Wiest, 7 Sylvia Road, term expires 12/1/2025

Eneni Glekas, term expires 12/1/2026

Kit Nichols, term expires 12/1/2024


Room 308

Denis MacDougall
Environmental Agent (Staff)
Phone: 781-393-2480