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Council on Aging


The general mandate of the Medford Council on Aging is to be the primary advocate for Medford’s older adults. To that end, the Council evaluates, promotes, encourages and provides new and existing services that are intended to enhance the quality of the lives of elder residents.


(7) 3 year terms – (4) 2 year terms, 11 members (over 60 years old)


Mary K. Benoit, 8 Ninth Street Apt #308, Medford, term expires 1/1/2025

Elizabeth Patricia Walsh, 42 Water Street #4F, Medford, term expires 1/1/2025

Shirley DiRusso, 10 Burlington Ave #1-211, Wilmington, term expires 1/1/2027

Thomas Colonna, Esq., 16 Bradlee Road, expires 1/1/2027

Donna Hickey, 3920 Mystic Valley Parkway, term expires 1/1/2025

Joya Pezzuto, RN, 178 Savin Street, Malden, term expires 1/1/2027

Joyce Huang, 22 9th Street, Apt. 502, term expires 1/1/2027

Jean L. Bentubo, 8 Ninth Street, Apt. 609, term expires 1/1/2027

Jason Law, 235 Riverside Ave, #2, term expires 1/1/2027

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Medford Senior Center
101 Riverside Avenue
Medford, MA 02155

Pamela Kelly 
Director of Elder Affairs
Phone: 781-396-6010

Fax: 781-395-8912
City Hall TDD: 781-393-2516

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