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Charter Study Committee


The eleven-member Charter Study Committee will comprehensively study the City’s current charter, gather input from the community and ultimately propose recommendations on changes and content to the existing document. 

The Committee will submit recommended changes to the City Council and the Mayor which are designed to improve and modernize Medford’s structure and governance.

The Committee began meeting in December 2022 and currently meets monthly via Zoom on the first Thursday of each month at 6:30 pm. Members of the public are welcome to attend meetings, the last section of which will be reserved for public comment. Future opportunities for public comment will include community forum events and surveys. 

The Charter Study Committee is an Ad Hoc committee.

Contact Committee:

Information on the Charter Study Committee.

Charter Study Survey


  • Milva McDonaldCommittee Chair
  • Anthony Andreottola
  • Danielle Balocca
  • Eunice Browne
  • Maury Carroll
  • Ron Giovino
  • John A. Moreschi
  • Phyllis Morrison
  • Paulette Van der Kloot
  • Aubree Webb
  • Jean Zotter
  • David Zabner, Alternate

Goals and guiding principles of the Charter Study Committee:

  • To educate and engage the community in robust discussion about the charter and potential amendments or revisions.
  • To review language and processes of the current charter to determine whether or which revisions or amendments are in Medford’s best interest.
  • To ensure Medford’s government is representative, effective, transparent, responsive and accountable.