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Charter Study Committee

Information on the Charter Study Committee.


  • Milva McDonaldCommittee Chair
  • Anthony Andreottola
  • Danielle Balocca
  • Eunice Browne
  • Maury Carroll
  • Ron Giovino
  • John A. Moreschi
  • Phyllis Morrison
  • Paulette Van der Kloot
  • Aubree Webb
  • Jean Zotter
  • David Zabner, Alternate

Goals and guiding principles of the Charter Study Committee:

  • To educate and engage the community in robust discussion about the charter and potential amendments or revisions.
  • To review language and processes of the current charter to determine whether or which revisions or amendments are in Medford’s best interest.
  • To ensure Medford’s government is representative, effective, transparent, responsive and accountable.


To contact members of the Charter Study Committee, please send mail to the following address:

Charter Study Committee, Room 214

85 George P. Hassett Drive

Medford, MA 02155

c/o Emma Twombly