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Promote, Prevent, Support Behavioral Health Commission


Created in March 2021 with approval by City Council, the Behavioral Health Commission will focus on promotion, results-oriented alignment of services and programming to address behavioral health issues under the purview of the Medford Board of Health. The Promote, Prevention, Support Behavioral Health Commission will serve as an advisory body to promote behavioral health and wellness and set an overall strategic plan for the City of Medford. To that end, the commission will monitor and track data and programming as well as inform and make recommendations to city officials and policy makers about behavioral health data, issues, needs and efforts within the City.

Among its overall goals, Commissioners will work to:

  • Work with community providers, residents, and those with lived experience to create results-oriented community services and programming to address behavioral health concerns;
  • Support and build capacity to analyze and respond to substance use and mental health-related issues;
  • Work with City departments to develop and/or support resources and programs to reduce rates of substance abuse and mental health issues within the community;
  • Increase community participation in behavioral health program planning, development and improvement;

See a complete description of the Commission’s Purpose and Function and Vision, Mission and Values statements.  


In addition to appointing city department heads, three community members fill the following positions:

  • One (1) family or individual who has lived experience utilizing services within the behavioral health system.
  • One (1) representative from the provider community
  • One (1) resident with professional field expertise (medical, psychiatric, prevention or treatment)


MaryAnn O'Connor, Chair, Health Director, City of Medford, term: ongoing 

John D. Buckley, Police Chief, City of Medford, term: ongoing

John Freedman, Fire Chief, City of Medford, term: ongoing

Marice Edouard-Vincent, Superintendent of Schools, City of Medford, term: ongoing

Penelope Funaiole, Secretary, Manager of Prevention and Outreach, City of Medford, term: ongoing

Frances N. Nwajei, Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, City of Medford, term: ongoing

Pam Kelly, Director of Senior Center, City of Medford, term: ongoing

Jeremy Johns, Treasurer, Director of Veterans Affairs, City of Medford, term: ongoing

Stacey Schulman, Director of School Counseling, City of Medford, term: ongoing

Richard Raymond, Chief Executive Officer, Armstrong Ambulance, 3-year term

Ian Wong, Vice Chair, Dir., Dept. of Health Promotion & Prevention, Tufts University, 3-year term

Jenn O'BrienManager, Behavioral Health Team, Melrose-Wakfield Hospital, 2-year term

Anshika Hansen-Verma, Provider - term expires 10/1/2023

Patricia Brady, In-Field - term expires 10/1/2023

Maria P. D'Orsi, Lived Experience - term expires 10/1/2023


Click here for the Commission Meeting Schedule