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Medford Releases GIS Maps of Traffic and Pedestrian Safety Projects

Medford Releases GIS Maps of Traffic and Pedestrian Safety Projects

The City has released GIS maps of bicycle and transit transportation enhancement projects across the community, Mayor Breanna Lungo-Koehn announced. Projects noted on the maps include bus and bike lanes, Bluebike stations, traffic calming measures, crosswalk improvements, and more. The maps were created and designed by the City’s GIS Coordinator Steve Morse. 

“Our Engineering team has been working diligently to update the backlog of outdated street infrastructure throughout the City, to make Medford a safer place for drivers, pedestrians, bikers, and all others that use our streets,” said Mayor Lungo-Koehn. “To help support these projects, our GIS Coordinator Steve Morse has been doing an incredible job illustrating the immense scope of work the Traffic and Transportation department has undertaken into a more accessible and transparent visual with these public-facing maps. Thank you to the Traffic and Transportation Department staff and our director Todd Blake for all their work.” 

Under the Mayor’s direction, the Traffic and Transportation division of the Engineering Department has been investing in upgrades to Medford’s roadway infrastructure to improve safety and usability and expand mobility options beyond driving. The maps are available to be viewed at

“Our goal is to make our roadways and pedestrian pathways safer and to expand accessible intermodal transit options for people of all ages and abilities,” said Todd Blake, Director of Traffic and Transportation. “Each one of these smaller projects fits into the larger puzzle of what we’re trying to accomplish, and these maps are a great way for residents to see what we’ve been working on.” 

The projects highlighted in the maps include the City’s bike lane infrastructure, Bluebike station system, speed management measures like radar feedback signs, in-street pedestrian warning signage, blinking LED border pedestrian signs and stop signs, speed tables, and more.  

These maps do not reflect all completed or currently underway transportation improvement projects. For more information on Traffic and Transportation projects, visit

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