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Medford Police Department Secures $130,000 Grant to Improve Road and Pedestrian Safety

Medford Police Department Secures $130,000 Grant to Improve Road and Pedestrian Safety

Digital Traffic Signs to be Placed on High-Trafficked Roads to Inform Drivers and Pedestrians of Potential Issues

MEDFORD — Medford Police Department has secured a public safety grant from the Massachusetts Gaming Commission for $130,000 to fund digital messaging and radar signs. The grant program is designed to assist public safety agencies with efforts to mitigate traffic related issues related to the Encore Casino in Everett that may affect surrounding cities.

“Communicating potential hazards and alerting the public about important road safety procedures will only help make our streets safer and protect our motorists, pedestrians and cyclists,” said Mayor Breanna Lungo-Koehn. “Thank you to the Police Department for identifying this grant opportunity, and to Sergeant Jordan Cannava for applying for and securing the funding.”

The acquisition of these signs will significantly enhance the department’s ability to effectively monitor and address speeding issues on the roadways as well as inform residents to potential traffic issues. Equipped with advanced technology, these signs will provide real-time feedback to drivers, displaying their current speeds and promoting awareness of safe driving practice. By raising awareness and encouraging responsible driving habits, the aim is to significantly reduce the number of crashes and ensure the overall safety of our residents and visitors.

“The speed alert radar signs that we obtained through a previous grant have already been proven to reduce speeds in our city,” said Sergeant Cannava of Medford Police Department’s Traffic Division, who applied for the grant. “Now, with the addition of these new messaging boards, we hope to notify the public of any relevant information more quickly.”

The locations of the signs were chosen based on a city-wide study of areas with the highest car speed and volume. The locations of the signs are as follows:

  • Boston Ave
  • Emerson Street
  • Forest Street
  • Governors Ave
  • Grove Street
  • High Street
  • Lawrence Road
  • Mystic Ave
  • Riverside Ave
  • Salem Street
  • Spring Street
  • Winchester Street
  • Winthrop Street

The Medford Police Department along with the City administration is committed to improving public safety through collaboration and innovation, ensuring the well-being of all residents and motorists.

If you have any questions regarding the speed radar signs, please contact the Police Traffic Division by phone at 781-391-6412 or by email at

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