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Medford Invests Nearly $500K for Street Patchwork Repair this Fall

Medford Invests Nearly $500K for Street Patchwork Repair this Fall

Starting this week, the City will begin an extensive patchworking project on 34 streets identified in the Pavement Assessment in need of repairs, Mayor Breanna Lungo-Koehn announced. The City will leverage nearly $500,000 in state and federal funding to address several critical areas of repair on the streets identified for patching, including storm water drainage improvements, enhanced visibility and general maintenance to improve mobility and safety.

“Based on the street and sidewalk assessment I initiated in 2021 we found out we have a backlog of over $100 million in street repair work due to years of neglect,” Mayor Breanna Lungo-Koehn said. “By conducting cost-effective and efficient repairs like patchwork and crack sealing, we’re able to extend the life of many of our roads while implementing a longer-term repaving strategy for others. Thank you to the Engineering and DPW team for their work on this important infrastructure project.”

Patching of roadways is done when a full road rebuild is not required. Patching extends the life of the road and improves navigability without altering traffic routes for an extended period—a common practice during road rebuilds.

A full list of streets slated for patching is available at

In addition to prepping streets for patchwork, the City is also finalizing work on streets identified for crack sealing. Last construction season, crews crack sealed about half of the 94 streets slated for repairs, and this fall are beginning work on the remaining streets.

The streets to be crack sealed this over the next two weeks are:

  • Grove Street (from RR Bridge to Grove Street Split)
  • City Hall Mall (from Salem Street to Winthrop Street)
  • Rivers Edge Drive (from Revere Beach Pkwy to Start Divided)
  • Main Street (from High Street to Bridge)
  • Clippership Drive (from Main Street to Riverside Avenue)
  • Forest Street (from Start Divided to Clippership Drive)
  • Locust Street (from Mystic Valley Pkway to Mall Entrance)
  • Salem Street (from City Hall Mall to Salem Street Circle)
  • Boston Avenue (from Stoughton Street College Avenue to University Avenue Dearborn Road)
  • Fulton Street (from Fellsway to Ridgeway Road)
  • Fulton Street (from Salem Street to Lewis Avenue)
  • Harvard Street (from Willis Avenue to Mystic Avenue)
  • Woburn Street (from High Street to Wyman Street)
  • Salem Street (from Lambert Street to Fellsway)

Gaps and cracks are types of weathering that occur when water infiltrates roadway surfaces causing the asphalt to expand, leaving gaps in the pavement which can potentially cause damage to vehicles and pedestrians. Through a process called ‘crack sealing’, these narrow cracks in the roadway are filled with liquid asphalt that seal the opening and prevent water and other liquids from infiltrating the surface.

The full list of roads identified for crack sealing is available at

  • Department of Public Works
  • Engineering
  • Streets