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Medford Devotes Over $350,000 to Removing Stumps and Planting Trees Throughout City This Year

Medford Devotes Over $350,000 to Removing Stumps and Planting Trees Throughout City This Year

The City is in the process of removing stumps and planting new trees to improve accessibility to sidewalks as well as advance the administration's climate goals, Mayor Breanna Lungo-Koehn announced. To date, crews have removed 360 stumps since the beginning of this year and have planted 40 trees enroute to achieving the City’s goal of planting 200 trees in 2023. Fall is the ideal planting season for trees where the climate and soil produce the optimal environment for healthy growth.

In December 2022, the City identified over 500 stumps for removal across all neighborhoods and has leveraged over $350,000 through various funding sources including CDBG, ARPA and bonding to help complete the work. To date, 360 stumps have been removed.

“Tree stumps have been impacting sidewalks, disrupting pedestrian access and creating traffic hazards for far too long,” said Mayor Lungo-Koehn. “Over the past three years we have been analyzing our stump inventory, securing additional funding sources and diligently working through our list to remove stumps and repair sidewalks as quickly as possible. Thank you to our Tree Warden Aggie Tuden, DPW Commissioner Tim McGivern and the staff at DPW for coordinating this important work across the City’s sidewalks.”

The City is looking to invest additional Community Preservation Act Funds as well as ARPA funding to build upon last year’s total of 180 new trees planted, by planting at least 200 trees.

“Removing old stumps and planting new, viable trees is a coordinated effort to both beautify the City and help mitigate the effects of climate change,” said Aggie Tuden, Tree Warden. “We have carefully selected each new tree to ensure it can grow and thrive in its new home.”

If you’re interested in helping the City water and maintain public trees, you can sign up for the ‘Adopt a Tree’ Program. Participants are encouraged to help care for public trees throughout the City by filling slow-release watering bags each week or every other week if there is significant rain. You can sign up for the program at

For more information on the City’s tree strategy and procedures, visit

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