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Administration Outlines Commercial and Residential Development Strategy for Medford

Administration Outlines Commercial and Residential Development Strategy for Medford

There are several development projects at various stages of construction poised to significantly boost the City’s commercial tax base and increase housing and retail options for the community, Mayor Breanna Lungo-Koehn announced. These projects range in scale and offerings but are addressing several critical needs that the administration has been prioritizing for the past three years including increasing the City’s housing supply, transforming its commercial corridors, activating waterfront acreage and enhancing transit-oriented development at Wellington Station.  

“For the past three years, my administration has been heavily invested in identifying and engaging commercial and residential growth opportunities that previously went unnoticed,” Mayor Breanna Lungo-Koehn said. “Now that we have a firm handle on the development options available to us and have developed a comprehensive growth strategy, we’re seeing plans approved, permits delivered and shovels in the ground.” 

Upon taking office, the Mayor analyzed the City’s current development strategy and concluded that a change in structure was needed to maximize growth and deliver tangible economic gains for residents and local businesses. The City also needed to restore credibility and regain trust with the public that was eroded due to how development was approved in the past. This renewed effort in revitalization was built on a foundation of transparency, continued communication and robust input and recommendations from the residents. 

The results of the City’s renewed development strategy has shown strong signs of success despite global economic headwinds. The Mayor combined the Office of Community Development with the Office of Energy and Environment to create the Office of Planning, Development and Sustainability. The Mayor also established the new position of Economic Development Director and tasked the team with updating the City’s zoning ordinances, developing a comprehensive and sensible development strategy and identifying opportunities to maximize growth. The administration also worked closely with the City Council to adopt a new zoning ordinance in Spring 2022 which updated its past policy and put a focus on more community input during the development process. The new ordinance provides a clear and concise roadmap for future constructions projects to follow that adhere to the administration’s priorities of community engagement and smart, sustainable development. The City has engaged with developers, built strong partnerships and worked with each one to adjust projects that best fit the neighborhoods. As a new City expectation, early on in the process and sometimes before plans are even submitted, developers have held public meetings to explain their project and solicit feedback from residents.  

Through this recodification process, the administration worked with the City Council to establish a new zoning district, called a Planned Development District, which encourages proposals that specify a mixture of commercial, industrial, residential, open space or other uses. 

Housing developments (with over 500 new units added) include

  • Mill Creek 4000 Mystic Valley Parkway (350 units, 88 affordable) - Fully approved, construction to begin ASAP.  
  • 16 Foster Court (8 units) - Currently under construction 
  • 595 Broadway (7 units) - Project approved by ZBA 
  • 590 Boston Ave (45 units) - Submitted application for Site Plan Review and ZBA variances. 
  • 421 High Street (9 unit mixed-use) - Site Plan Review approved at September Community Development Board meeting. 
  • 100 Winchester St (65 units) - PDD re-zoning approved. Expect PD Special Permit application forthcoming. 
  • 290 Salem Street (9 unit mixed use) - Applicant is developing additional application materials to present to Community Development Board. 
  • 30-36 Salem St (9 units and mixed-use) – Complete and occupied 

To further support the housing crisis that is affecting nearly every municipality, the administration has allocated nearly $400,000 in ARPA funds to help offset permitting costs of renovations and upgrades to new affordable housing units at the Housing Authority. Helping guide the City’s housing strategy is the Housing Production Plan, which was approved by the Community Development Board and unanimously adopted by the City Council.

In addition to increasing the housing stock, the administration is also working to bring new innovative industries to Medford that can tap into the talent pool and transform neighborhoods into technology hubs for the region. There are currently four life science development projects underway. The most ambitious is the RISE development at 4060 Mystic Valley Parkway. The $200 million, eight story project will house 311,535 square feet of lab, research and development and office space, as well as ground-floor retail space. In addition, the facility will have a below-ground parking garage, dedicated indoor bike storage and a landscaped public plaza. 

Additional life science projects include

  • 48-64 Commercial Street 
  • 400 Riverside Ave 
  • 200 Boston Ave – Cummings Development 
  • 23 Sycamore (life science manufacturing) – Construction complete 

The City is also developing priorities for future redevelopment of lots on Clippership Drive and Riverside Avenue and reimagine the waterfront through a community-driven analysis. Housing is an integral part of this work, and includes affordable housing at all levels, allowing more people to live in Medford comfortably and without incurring financial hardships. 

For decades, the City-owned air rights of 28 acres above the Wellington MBTA Station went undeveloped, and the City is now in a position to activate that area and transform it into a mixed-use transit-oriented residential and commercial destination. A request for information was released last fall and City staff are now working on an RFP to hire a consultant to help draft an RFP for the site. 

Additional commercial retail/mixed use projects in development

  • Great American Beer Hall – Community Development Board approved site plan. Construction underway. 
  • 99 Revere Beach Parkway (LAZ parking) - City Council approved zoning change. 
  • 162 Mystic Avenue (Theory Wellness Retail Cannabis) - Under construction 
  • 114 Mystic Avenue (Victory Gardens Retail Cannabis) - build out underway 
  • 760 Fellsway (Raising Cane’s) - Completed permitting process and issued building permits. 


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