Welcome to Medford, Massachusetts!

Transition Team

Shortly after being elected, Mayor Stephanie M. Burke compiled a Transition Team composed of four subcommittees: City Hall Audit, Business and Economic Development, Cultural Affairs and Recreation and Constituent Services.

Between December 2015 and June 2016, these subcommittees held over 25 public meetings and distributed surveys to gather important feedback from the community.

The Constituent Services subcommittee, chaired by Paul Camuso, gathered data on how to improve City Hall communications to and from citizens.

The Business and Economic Development subcommittee, co-chaired by Frederick Dello Russo Jr. and Rick Orlando, was tasked with finding ways to assist existing businesses, reach out to new businesses and promote the city to surrounding communities and institutions.

The Cultural Affairs and Recreation subcommittee, chaired by Ken Krause, identified ways in which the new city administration can highlight Medford’s diversity, growing cultural and arts community and opportunities for year-round recreational activities.

The City Hall Audit subcommittee, chaired by Teresa Walsh, was tasked with determining the best practices and procedures of the departments in City Hall.

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