Welcome to Medford, Massachusetts!

Mayor’s Staff

Jennifer Dever Wood
Chief of Staff and Director of Personnel
Phone: (781) 393-2407
Email: jdeverwood@medford-ma.gov

Jeanine Femino-Camuso
Assistant to the Chief of Staff
Phone: (781) 393-2406
Email: jcamuso@medford-ma.gov

Linda Coletti
Secretary to the Mayor
Phone: (781) 393-2409
Fax: (781) 391-3546
Email: lcoletti@medford-ma.gov

Lauren Feltch
Executive Assistant, City Council and Community Relations Liaison;
Press & Communications
Phone: 781-393-2405
Email: lfeltch@medford-ma.gov

Allie Fiske
Executive Assistant, Business and Cultural Liaison
Phone: 781-393-2454
Email: afiske@medford-ma.gov