Welcome to Medford, Massachusetts!

Common Service Requests

If you would like to request a service, report a problem, or submit a comment, please select a category from the list below and use the corresponding email address. Please provide as much detailed information as possible (e.g., precise location, time, date, etc.) so that the appropriate department may assist you as quickly as possible.

Your contact information is necessary if you expect a response.

Additional feedback, questions, or concerns – please contact lfeltch@medford.org.

Affordable Housing Questions
For all affordable housing information, please contact the city affordable housing specialist.

Airplane Noise
Please see the MassPort website.

Animal Control
Health Department– health@medford.org

Birth, Marriage, or Death Certificates
To obtain information on birth, marriage and death certificates, contact the office of the City Clerk.

Block Party Information
To obtain information on block parties, contact the Medford Fire Department.

Building Code/Zoning Issues
Building Department– building@medford.org

City Council
City Clerk– cityclerk@medford.org

City Hall Space Rental
Fill out this form (PDF) and return it to the Mayor’s Office.

Condon Shell
Click here to download the Condon Shell Request form (PDF).

Energy & Environment Department– enviro@medford.org

Fire (non-emergency)
Fire Department– email.mfd@comcast.net

Gas Leak
Call National Grid at 1-800-548-8000.

Public Works– dpw@medford.org

Handicapped Accessibility
Diversity Department– humandiversity@medford.org

Handicapped Plates, Placards, and Signs
For information and to obtain the proper forms for requesting handicapped signs and plates, contact the Office of the Traffic Commissioner.

Health and Sanitation Code Issues
Health Department– health@medford.org

Housing (Code Issues)
Building Department– building@medford.org

Library Office– Medford@minlib.net

LoConte Rink
Contact Robert Maloney at 781-393-2380.

Mayor’s Office– mayor@medford.org

Missing Signs
Public Works– dpw@medford.org

Municipal Space Reservation
Fill out this form here.

No Heat
Health Department– health@medford.org

Open Space
Energy & Environment– enviro@medford.org

Parade and Walk/Run Street Reservations
Fill out this form here.

Parks and Playgrounds
Public Works– dpw@medford.org

Parking Issues
ParkMedford- http://www.parkmedford.org

Police (non-emergency)
Police Department- http://www.medfordpolice.com/3feedback3A.htm

Property Assessment
Assessor’s Office– assessors@medford.org

Public Works
Public Works Office– dpw@medford.org

Recreation Programs/Facilities
Public Works– dpw@medford.org

Recycling Information
For all recycling information, please contact the Energy and Environment Office.

Registry of Motor Vehicles
Please visit the Registry of Motor Vehicles website for information about their online services and to find the closest location.

Resurfacing Private Ways
For information on the resurfacing of private ways, contact the Department of Public Works.

Retirement Office– retirement@medford.org

School Department- http://www.medfordpublicschools.org/

Senior Services
Council on Aging– medfordcoa@verizon.net

Snow Plowing
Public Works– dpw@medford.org

Snow – Sidewalk Shoveling
Building Department– building@medford.org

Social Security Local Offices
The closest offices are in Malden in Cambridge- please visit the Social Security website for more information.

Electrical Department– electrical@medford.org

Street/Sidewalk Repair
Public Works– dpw@medford.org

Street Signage
For information as to how to get a street sign replaced, contact the Department of Public Works.

Tax Abatement Forms and Questions
For all questions and procedures relating to tax abatements, please contact the office of the City Assessor.

Traffic Issues
Police Department- http://www.medfordpolice.com/3feedback3A.htm

Traffic Enforcement
Police Department- http://www.medfordpolice.com/3feedback3A.htm

Trash/Recycling/Yard Waste
Public Works– dpw@medford.org

Tree Maintenance
Public Works– dpw@medford.org

Tree and/or Sidewalk Requests
For tree removal or trimming requests or for sidewalk repairs, please contact the Department of Public Works.

Tuft’s Pool
For information regarding the use of Tuft’s Pool, contact the Department of Public Works.

City Clerk– cityclerk@medford.org

Water Abatement Forms & Questions
For all questions and procedures relating to water bill abatements, please contact the office of the City Collector.

Water and Sewer
Water Department– water@medford.org

Allison Goldsberry- agoldsberry@medford.k12.ma.us

Wright’s Pond
For information regarding the use of Wright’s Pond, contact the Department of Public Works.

Mayor’s Office– mayor@medford.org