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Volunteer Opportunities

Operation Medford Cares

The office of Veterans Services realizes how important it is for the Veteran to feel like part of his/her community, as well as, for the community to have ties to our Veterans. One of the best ways for this to happen is through community service. The Office of Veterans Services prides itself being able to put the Community & the Veteran together for a common goal…COMMUNITY ENRICHMENT.

There are numerous year round volunteer opportunities available. To inquire about these & other opportunities, please call the Office of Veterans Services @ 781-393-2503 or e mail us at veterans@medford.org

Please click here to download the volunteer form (PDF).

August – “Operation Medford Cares”

The office of Veterans’ Services collects items requested by Military men & women stationed in the Middle East, and other parts of the world that would other wise not be available to our service personnel. We are always looking for volunteers to donate requested items, help assemble packages, pick up donations, etc. They want letters of encouragement, used DVD/CD’s, soft covered books, new AA batteries, things that remind them of home, etc. For a complete list of approved items for please contact us (781) 393-2503.

November – Medford High School Keynote Speaker Program

The office of Veterans’ Services in conjunction with the Social Studies Department @ Medford High School hosts this dynamic event. During the year we assemble Veterans’ from all walks of live, from every military branch with ties to Medford. Each Veteran addresses the MHS Students in a small classroom setting to speak about his/her military experiences. This unique program enriches the curriculum of the already fabulous program @ Medford High School. This program has been going strong for years! It is possible only through the commitment of our Veterans! All veterans participating must register through the Office of Veterans’ Services prior to event. To register please call 781-393-2503.

November/December – The Winter Clothing Drive for Homeless Veterans’ Shelters

State Representative Paul Donato, 35th Middlesex District co-sponsors this event. Several locations are designated throughout the City of Medford as drop off sites for gently used winter clothing. Volunteers are needed to help collect, sort, and transport these much-needed items. During this clothing, drive gently worn winter jackets, scarves, hats, mittens/gloves, winter boots are collected for Homeless Veterans. For more info please call Veterans’ Services at 781-393-2503.

Year Round Volunteer Opportunity

The Council on Aging is always looking for healthy and physically fit people to help the elderly with lawn care and snow removal. It is essential to their safety to be able to get in and out of their homes, and to have pathways free and clear of tall growing weeds and grass. Many of the elderly on the Council on Aging waiting list are veterans, the widow of a veteran or both. For more info please contact the Council on Aging at 781-396-6010.