Welcome to Medford, Massachusetts!

What Can Be Recycled

recycle reduce reuse

Please put recycables out on the same day as trash (both by 7:00 AM) during the weeks marked on the calendar. Please follow the schedule for your color bin (Blue or Green).


Type accepted: Clear, colored glass, all sizes

Prepare: Please rinse. Remove lids. Labels are fine.

Tin Cans

Type accepted: Tin cans all sizes, steel cans all sizes.

Prepare: Remove all lids, rinse, labels are fine.


Type accepted: Aluminum cans, pie plates, trays, luminum foil, roasters, pet food cans

Prepare: Rinse containers and put in cart.


Type accepted: All plastics marked #1 (PETE), #2 (HDPE), #3, #4, #5 and #7.

Prepare: Rinse containers and put in cart. Flatten containers/NO styrofoam (#6).

Newspapers and Magazines

Type accepted: All newspapers and inserts, magazines and catalogs.

Prepare: Put in paper grocery bag OR tie in bundles and put in cart.

Cardboard and paper

Type accepted: ALL TYPES of paper, envelopes, phone books, cardboard, boxes, glossy paper. Pizza boxes-ok- remove any residue pieces

Prepare: Put in paper grocery bag OR tie in bundles and put in cart. Please flatten boxes.

Not Accepted

Glassware, light bulbs, mirrors, window glass, spray cans, motor oil cans, window frames, house siding, chemical containers.

Ni-Cad Battery and Cell Phone Drop-off

Nickel-cadmium rechargeable batteries and cellular phones may be recycled at the DPW Office at City Hall-Room 304. The batteries are commonly found in camcorders, cordless and cellular phones, etc. Cell phones will be shipped off-site and recycled.

Mercury Disposal

Small Mercury-bearing devices will be collected as the same days as the paint-shed dates (see above. Small devices include: thermometers, blood pressure and thermostats or dropped off at the DPW Office-Room 304 in City Hall.


– To guarantee collection, trash must be out on curb by 7:00 AM
– Trash collection will be ONE DAY DELAYED during a holiday week
– Building materials will not be collected i.e. doors, windows, shingles, bathtubs, sinks, toilets, paneling, 2 x 4’s, tires, hedges, stumps, etc. Please call a private hauler for these items.
– No hazardous material. The closest Household Hazardous Product (HHP) site is in Lexington on Hartwell Avenue. Call the DPW for schedule and details at 781-393-2419 or see http://www.lexingtonma.gov/dpw/environmentalservices.cfm.
– Propane tanks from gas grills may be brought to B.J.’s Wholesale Club or similar for a small fee
– Small branches tied in 3’ bundles are accepted-on yard waste collection weeks ONLY
– Furniture i.e. bedding, tables, chairs, desks, etc. will be collected at curbside-please call 800-972-4545 for Bulk Pick-up
– Rugs and carpeting must be rolled and tied-please call 1-800-972-4545 for Bulk Pick-up
– White Goods (appliances) and CRT’s require a $25 collection sticker-obtained at the DPW office or by check payable to City of Medford and sent to DPW-Room 304, City Hall.


Yard waste, vegetables, food scraps, coffee grounds can all be diverted and made into compost. Mixing these items in a compost bin with some peat moss will give a kick start to your compost heap and in no time you will have “black gold” to utilize in your flower or vegetable garden. Compost bins are available through the D.P.W., please call 781-393-2419 for availability and prices. Compost bins are now available from the Medford DPW for $55.