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Wright’s Pond

Wright's Pond

Open now through August 21, 2016

Hours: Open daily 10:00 am until half hour before dusk

Wright’s Pond Stickers and Passes

Parking and Walk-in Beach Pass Fees

$50 Parking Sticker only (walk-ins are not needed with Car Stickers)

$20 Walk-in Pass (access for 1 – 3 persons)

$30 Senior Parking Sticker (62 and older)

$30 Handicap Parking Sticker

Apply for your sticker/pass online (and print your own temporary pass), in person at City Hall, or by mail.

Get Pass Online

Click here to Log in Online or if New User:

1 – Register for a Bill Payer Account (we need your e-mail address)
2 – Select Beach Sticker – then follow the instructions.

An e-mail will be sent to you with a Temporary 5 day Sticker and Pass. Your permanent Sticker and Pass will be mailed to you promptly. This is a free service when paying with a checking or savings account; there is a fee of about $1.80 when paying with a credit or debit card. We match Your Name and Plate# to our Auto Excise Tax Bill File. If you do not match then you will have to apply in mail or in person.

Get Pass Via Mail or in Person (no credit or debit cards):

Treasurer/Collector’s Office room 108,
85 George P Hassett Dr., Medford, MA 02155

Your permanent Sticker and Pass will be mailed to you promptly.

Questions? Please e-mail us at collector@medford.org.

Wright’s Pond Rules and Regulations

– To obtain an auto sticker you must provide your auto registration and drivers license, both must be addressed in Medford.
– To obtain a walk-in pass you must provide your driver’s license, student ID or other proof of Medford residency.

1. Operating hours: 10 AM to 1/2 hour before sunset.
2. All vehicles must stop at checkpoint, driver must show license.
3. Auto sticker must be displayed on lower driver’s side windshield.
4. Drop-offs are allowed with permission at the front of the parking area.
5. Walk-ins must have proof of Medford residency and a Walk-in Pass.
6. Possession and use of alcohol/drugs is prohibited. All containers are subject to inspection.
7. Prohibited – open fires, BBQ grills, boats, floats, pets, glass containers, ball playing and fishing in the swimming area.
8. Swimming is prohibited without a lifeguard on duty.
9. Fishing is allowed only in designated areas.
10. Children under 6 must have adult supervision at all times.
11. Disruptive behavior will not be allowed.
12. Swimming allowed in marked area only.

Renting Wright’s Pond for birthday parties and other events

You must have a Wright’s Pond sticker to book a birthday party. Birthday parties must be booked at least one day in advance. Birthday parties are for 20 or fewer attendees (vehicles without pond sticker permits are limited to 4 vehicles per party.)

Please go to the Medford Recreation Department website for more information.


Learn about how Wright’s Pond is accessible for those in wheelchairs or with other mobility issues.

Mayor Burke Announces Pond Regulations

July 19, 2016

Wrights Pond consists of 148 acres of protected open space for residents to enjoy beachfront space, fresh water swimming, a bath house with a concession area and permit parking. We welcome the community to take advantage of the true beauty Wrights Pond has to offer throughout the summer months.

In light of recent concerns regarding access limitations, the City of Medford will not prohibit entry into the Wrights Pond parking lot or beachfront during normal hours of operation, except if the parking lot is at capacity. If the designated swimming area of the pond reaches capacity based on the number of lifeguards on duty, the supervisor will instruct bathers to voluntarily exit the pond for a brief period of time to allow others to enter.

As Wrights Pond swimming area is delineated with ropes, we are enforcing the pool regulation developed pursuant to CMR 105 435.23(1) from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health to serve in the best interest of public safety for the citizens. In addition, it is stated that one lifeguard be provided for each 25 bathers.

The hours of operation during the summer months are from 10 AM until 1/2 hour before sunset. All residents must have a current, city issued Wrights Pond sticker on the vehicle. Any resident walking to the pond must have a valid walk-in pass. Both can be obtained online, in person at City Hall or by mail.

This policy change focuses on the overall safety of bathers and permits lifeguards to ensure the safety of all persons in the designated swimming area, allowing all to enjoy the scenic vista.