Welcome to Medford, Massachusetts!

General Information

The Law Department provides legal representation and advice to the Mayor, the City Council and all other municipal officials and departments of the City of Medford. It advises all boards and commissions about their legal responsibilities and prerogatives. It represents the City of Medford in all courts of various state and federal jurisdiction within Massachusetts and before state administrative agencies such as the Civil Service Commission, the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination and in various administrative forums.

The duties and responsibilities of the City Solicitor and the Law Department can be found in the Revised Ordinances of the City of Medford in Division 4, Sec. 2-651 (Appointment and qualification); Sec. 2-652 (Term); Sec. 2-653 (Chief legal adviser; assistants; acting solicitor); Sec. 2-654 (Duties as to legal instruments);

In general, the City of Medford’s Law Department is responsible for handling the following representative matters:

– Preparation of written definitive, advisory and interpretive opinions.

– Investigation, analysis and representation of the City of Medford regarding the litigation of all personal injury, contract, civil rights, property damage and other claims brought against the City of Medford.

– Preparation, review and formal approval of all contracts, leases, deeds and other legal instruments concerning contractual and legal arrangements by the City of Medford with public and private agencies or entities.

– Identification and prosecution of claims brought by the City of Medford.

– Advise and represent the Building, Fire and Health Departments regarding building/zoning enforcement actions and health and fire code violations in the courts.

– Representation of the City in bankruptcy actions.

– Preparation of all City Ordinances.

– Preparation of all proposed Special Legislation as requested by the Mayor and the City Council.

– Attendance at the meetings of the Medford City Council and meetings of various other municipal boards, commissions and committees when requested.

– Provide direction and guidance to the City’s Workers’ Compensation agent.