Welcome to Medford, Massachusetts!

Snow Removal Regulations

Shoveling your sidewalk is the neighborly thing to do…and it’s the law!

What if you need help?

The city of Medford does not provide shoveling services. However, if you are over the age of 60 the Council on Aging has a list of shovelers for hire. Call 781-396-6010 for information.

Sign up for community announcements that get delivered to your phone or email including information about shoveling and snow at this website: http://is.gd/medford.

Don’t slip-slide away!

For people on foot, with strollers and in wheelchairs, ice can be worse than snow. It can cause dangerous falls. You are as responsible for ice on your sidewalks as you are for snow. You must address or treat it within 6 hours.

  • Stock up on ice melter before a storm. Make sure to sprinkle some down before the storm comes.
  • Use ice melter on your driveway entrance and sidewalks early and often to prevent snow from packing down and forming into ice.
  • Make sure to wipe your feet after applying it so you don’t track it into your house.

Materials to use:

  • Use ice melt with calcium chloride (CaCl2). It’s better for the environment and only a small amount is required to melt ice. Potassium chloride (KCl) is okay but be aware it can damage concrete.
  • Use biodegradable cat litter as another good traction option.
  • Avoid rock salt (NaCl or sodium chloride) – it kills plants and trees.
  • Avoid sand. It doesn’t help pedestrians; it makes hard ice more slippery. It also gets into storm drains and catch basins and is expensive to clean up in the spring.

It’s the law!

It is the responsibility of the person living in the residence to:

  • Keep the adjacent sidewalks clear of snow and ice. If you go out of town, make sure someone else will do it.
  • Clear openings at corners, crosswalks and curb cuts so pedestrians can cross safely.
  • Dig out fire hydrants and catch basins.
  • Always park your car at least 20 feet from the street corner so plows can push snow away from the crosswalks.
  • Pay attention to “No Parking” signs during snow emergencies.

In Medford, sidewalks must be cleared within 6 hours after the snow falls. Failing to comply with this sidewalk clearance ordinance is a fineable offense. You will be fined $25 the first time, then $50 per day.

Please don’t take it personally!

Often the DPW plows snow back into your driveway. Pushing snow into a driveway opening or along a car parked in the street is unavoidable as we work to keep streets passable during all stages of a storm. Don’t throw snow from your sidewalks into the street − this is against the law ($50 fine).

It’s the neighborly thing to do!

Snow and ice make walking difficult for everyone: school children, mail carriers, elders, pets, T riders, and especially persons with disabilities. In Medford everyone needs to use the sidewalks.

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