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Health Department Inspectional Services

Scope of Services

Inspectional Services, Enforcement and License/Permit

– Food establishments (including restaurants, mobile food servers, push carts, catering establishments, residential kitchens, and milk, etc.)- also see our Food Safety page

– Bed & Breakfast establishments

– Funeral directors

– Burial permits

– Swimming pools (public and semi-public)

– Tanning salons

– Body Art Establishments and Practitioners

– Transportation of wastes

– Dumpster/trash areas

– Private sewage disposal

– Sewage treatment- Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection’s Title 5 regulations (310 CMR 15) (PDF)

– Schools – Public/Private

– Recreation camps for children

– Wells

Environmental Control

– Bathing Beach water testing

– Insect and rodent control

– Indoor air quality

– Water pollution

– Hazardous waste monitoring

– Mosquito control

– Environmental health advice and education

– Right-to-Know (MSDS) Assistance

– Consultation and information on environmental issues

– Enforce state and local housing regulations regarding:
a. Tenant occupancy
b. Public buildings, dormitories, rooming houses
c. Abrasive blasting of paint

– Issue certificates of habitability (enforce state housing codes when needed)

– Enforce state lead laws and lead abatement

– Respond to all complaints regarding housing violations

– Provide inspections for the presence of asbestos and assess its conditions and instruct owners on proper abatement procedures.

– Wells

– Massachusetts General Law Chapter 111, section 122, investigate and require the elimination of nuisances or sources of filth on land or in our water. This law can be broadly interpreted but is reserved for those situations where a strong odor, large amount of debris or other hazardous condition exists.