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Lock Box

A Lock Box is a device placed outside the home that holds a key to an individual’s front door that can be used in an emergency situation when that individual cannot come to the door. Only local public safety personnel have a key that can open this ‘lock box’. It can be requested by an individual with a disability or an individual over 60 years of age who also falls under the Federal very low Income guidelines.

See below for Federal Income Guidelines and Instructions. Click to download Terms (PDF) and a Request Form (PDF). There is a $15.00 fee that is refundable upon return of the box. The Lock Box is requested through the Fire Prevention Office.

Federal Income Guidelines

Very Low Income:

1 Person = $28,950

2 Person = $33,100

3 Person = $37,200

4 Person = $41,350

5 Person = $44,650

6 Person = $47,950

7 Person = $51,250

8 Person = $54,600

If someone requests a Lock Box:

Check Age, Disability (not what it is, but if they have a disability), and income against enclosed Federal very low income guidelines.

If eligible:

– Give them Waiver and Request Forms.
– Have them return both documents and an Owner Authoriziation Letter, if they don’t own house, with $15.00 check made out to M.S.C.I. #2.
– Fire Department makes appointment to visit for installation location. They mark location and leave open box. The resident has it installed, or calls Home Maintenance at Senior Center at 781-396-6010 for installation. The resident then calls Fire Prevention at 781-396-9831 to complete process, once it is installed.
– Fire Department will meet resident and lock key in box.
– Fire Department will notify 911 with Lock Box Information to put in system and forward check to the Council on Aging, 101 Riverside Avenue, Medford, MA 02155.