Welcome to Medford, Massachusetts!

Handicapped Placards and Signs

You can download an application for an HP placard from the Registry of Motor Vehicles by going to www.massrmv.com.

To request an HP sign for your street, you must first have a Handicap Plate or Placard, which you must obtain from the Registry of Motor Vehicles.

After receiving your Handicap Plate or Placard from the Registry of Motor Vehicles in Boston, you must send a request letter to the Traffic Commission. The letter should contain your name, address, telephone #, and a photocopy of your placard. Send to:

Chief Leo Sacco, Traffic Commission
Police Department
100 Main Street
Medford, MA 02155

The item will be placed on the Traffic Commission agenda, and voted on. (The Traffic Commission is a five member Commission made up of 3 City officials and 2 citizens.) The Commission does a site visit, and takes into consideration the congestion of the area and any other pertinent information. If you are not the homeowner, you should also include a letter of support from the homeowner, and any other tenants. If accepted, the Commission sends a letter on an annual basis to do a yearly sign review.