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Water and Sewer FAQ’s


Why is my water rusty?

There could be many reasons why this is happening:

– Water main break
– Fire in the area
– Flushing Program in progress
– Hot water tank may need to be flushed or replaced

Why do I have low water pressure?

There could be many reasons for this problem:

– Screens on your faucets could be clogged
– High water demand in your area
– Water leak in main line (property or street)

Why don’t I have any water?

The main reason this may occur:

A main break occurred in the area, rupturing a water line. During emergencies like this we might be unable to notify residents in a timely manner. If there is non-emergency work being done by the city on water lines in your area, we will notify residents by a hand-delivered notice.

When is my water meter read?

You are billed 6 times per year.

What if my water meter is not working?

Please contact Ron Baker, our Technician, at 781-393-2513.

How do I obtain a Final Water Reading when selling my home?

Please contact the Water Department at 781-393-2513.

Who do I call for water and sewer issues that are not bill related?

Davis Proctor 781-393-2403

What are the water and sewer rates and are they the same for all uses?

Rates are the same for residential and commercial uses. There is a different irrigation rate. The City bills in cubic feet (cf).

Tier 1
0-800 cubic feet, $12.91 per ccf (ccf means 100 cubic feet)
0.0172 cents per gallon of water and sewer discharge combined. Or, 0.00765 cents just for the water, based on 7.48 gallons per cubic foot, so 100 cf = 748 gallons, or rounded off to 750 gallons.

Tier 2
801-1600 cubic feet, $13.81 per ccf (ccf means 100 cubic feet)
0.0184 cents per gallon of water and sewer discharge combined
0.00818 water only

Tier 3
1601 & over cubic feet, $14.71 per ccf (ccf means 100 cubic feet)
0.0196 cents per gallon of water and sewer discharge combined
0.00872 water only

Irrigation metering is now available at a rate of $.0631 per cf for residential customers with the irrigation meter installed. There is no sewer charge applied to these meters.

What are the equivalent gallons for a cubic foot?

There are 7.48 gallons of water in a cubic foot of water. To convert gallons to cubic feet, divide the total gallons by 7.48. To convert cubic feet to gallons, multiply the cubic feet by 7.48. Your current cost per gallon of water usage combined is 1.7 cents.

How do you calculate my sewer charges?

Sewer charges are based on water usage. If you use 10 cf of water, you will be billed for 10 cf in sewer.

When should I receive my bill?

Bills are issued 6 times per year.

Who can repair my water meter?

Meters are maintained by the City of Medford. Any questions, please contact Ron Baker at 781-393-2513.

How do I obtain a final water and sewer bill if I’m selling my property?

When a homeowner or business owner knows the closing date for the property sold, they need to call the Water Department at 781-393-2513 or email water@medford-ma.gov to set up an appointment for a final read. The cost for a final reading is $25, on top of whatever the bill is. It is important to call as soon as you know your closing date.

What do I do if I think my bill is wrong?

Please contact the billing office at 781-393-2550 with your concerns if you think your bill is inaccurate. If possible please have the current meter reading when you call.

I had a leak in my water pipe to my kitchen sink. Can I obtain an abatement for the sewer, as none of the water went down the drain?

The City does not grant abatements for leaks.

Please contact the Water & Sewer shop for any other concerns regarding your water and water quality. The City of Medford tests their water twice a week in several designated areas.

Emergency number after 4:00 p.m. and weekends


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Water & Sewer Shop

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