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Davis Proctor, Superintendent of Water and Sewer, dproctor@medford.org

Ron Baker, Meter Technician, 781-393-2474, rbaker@medford.org

Address: Water Shop, 21 James Street, Medford, MA 02155

Billing: 781-393-2498

24 hour Emergency Number: 781-393-2403

Water and Sewer Shop: 781-393-2403 and 781-393-2502

Fax: 781-393-2422

Hours: Monday-Friday, 7:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Water and Sewer Division


Ron Baker, Water Meter Technician, 781-393-2474

Water and Sewer Commissioners

Dorothy Fiander, Commissioner, 3/1/2018

Jerrold Gramolini, Commissioner, 3/1/2017

Domenic Camarra, Commissioner, 3/1/2019

Tiered Rates

Water $0.0649
Sewer $0.0848
Total $0.1497

Tier rates apply only to 1, 2, & 3 family homes and condo buildings of 3 units or less

Residential Tier 1 0-800 cubic feet
Water $0.0607
Sewer $0.0793
Total $0.1400

Residential Tier 2 801-1600 cubic feet
Water $0.0649
Sewer $0.0848
Total $0.1497

Residential Tier 3 1601 and above cubic feet
Water $0.0691
Sewer $0.0903
Total $0.1594

Water $0.0691
Total $0.0691

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The Water and Sewer Division provides for the maintenance and repair of the water and sewer infrastructure throughout the City of Medford.

The Water and Sewer system consists of approximately 120 miles of water line and approximately 120 miles of sewer pipe. The infrastructure also consists of nearly 1,400 hydrants, 15,000 water meters, approximately 10,000 water gate valves and a water pumping station located on Doonan Street.

Medford’s water is regulated under the Massachusetts Water Resource Authority (MWRA) and its source of water is from the Quabbin Reservoir.

The Water and Sewer Division’s routine responsibilities include the maintenance of all of water lines and lateral service lines from the main line to curb boxes, fire hydrant replacement, replacement of water gate valves, water quality control, meter replacement programs, relining projects, and domestic water main tap installations. The Flushing Program takes place twice a year, once in the springs and again in the fall. The City also runs a annual Leak Detection program.

Medford is also members of the Dig Safe program. The Superintendent is involved in the inspection of work being done by contractors and homeowners to ensure proper construction techniques are being used.

Medford has 9 meters that service the high and low areas of the water system in the City.