Welcome to Medford, Massachusetts!


Map 1

25017C0409E-Includes parts of northwest Medford, Upper Mystic Lake, Winchester border

Map 2

25017C0417E-Includes parts of Upper and Lower Mystic Lakes, Winchester & Arlington borders, West Medford along the Mystic River to Mystic Street

Map 3

25017C0436E-Mystic River from Mystic Street (west) to Hormel Stadium (east).Includes Medford Square

Map 4

25017C0438E-Includes small portion of the Mystic River south of Locust Street, north of Fulbright Street

Map 5

25017C0437E-East Medford, Riverside Avenue to Malden River at Malden/Everett border

Map 6

25017C0439E-Mystic River from Commericial Street area to Somerville border.

Map 7

25017C0428E-Middlesex Fells Reservation, South Reservoir, Wrights Pond, Winchester/Stoneham borders

Map 8

25017C0429E-Includes a small area of the Middlesex Fells Reservation Stoneham/Malden borders