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Rules and Regulations

The Rules and Regulations and schedule of process are established by the Cemetery Board of Trustees and are subject to change without notice.

FIRST. The said lot shall be held indivisible, and if, upon the decrease of a proprietor thereof, there be more than one devisee or heir-in-law, they shall, within three months from such decease, designate in writing to the Secretary of said Board, which of their number shall represent said lot; and on their failure so to do, said Board of Trustees shall designate which of said heirs or devisees shall represent said lot while such failure continues.

SECOND. That said lot shall be used for no other purpose than as a place of burial for the dead, no tree within the lot or border shall be cut down, injured or destroyed, nor shall the grade of the lot be changed without the consent of the Trustees.

THIRD. That said lot, or any part thereof, shall not be sold or exchanged but with the consent of the Trustees for the time being first obtained in writing.

FOURTH. No fence or hedge shall be erected for the purpose of enclosing any lot, and no stone, monument. Or sepulchral structure shall be erected thereon, except under the approval of the Trustees; and if any fence, structure, monument or inscription shall be placed on or around any lot, which a majority of the Trustees shall decide to be offensive, or improper, said Trustees may enter said lot, and cause said improper or offensive object to be removed.

FIFTH. That the proprietor of said lot shall conform to all ordinances, rules and regulations relating to said Cemetery, made or to be made by said City, or by said Trustees, in pursuance of authority granted by said City.

SIXTH. That in case the estate hereby created shall be forfeited for breach of any condition herein contained, the said Trustees shall thereupon have the right to enter upon said lot and take possession thereof in the name of said City as of its former estate, and remove, with due care, from said lot, any remains that may have been therein interred, to such portion of said Cemetery as said Trustees shall designate.

SEVENTH. The Trustees upon a repurchase of burial rights may pay no more than an amount equivalent to the original sales in for such care and foundation shall not be returned to the owner of said rights.

EIGHTH. Perpetual care covers the maintenance of the surface of the lots and graves, mowing, seeding and loaming only when necessary.

The statutes of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts relating to cemeteries prescribe severe penalties for infringement of the law and all violations will be prosecuted.

The Superintendent is in full charge of the daily operations of the cemetery and is responsible for the enforcement of the rules and regulations and in maintaining the cemetery.

The Superintendent is responsible to the Cemetery Board of Trustees.

The Trustees’ responsibilities include overseeing the cemetery operation and the actions of the Superintendent and his/her staff and the establishment of all cemetery policies, rules and regulations.

Any unauthorized person or persons found within the cemetery outside the prescribed hours will be deemed a trespasser and will be liable to prosecution.

The word proprietor as used by the cemetery does not mean ownership of land, only the right to burial.

All funerals shall enter the cemetery through the main gate on Playstead Road and upon entering shall be under the direction of the Superintendent.

Undertakers shall have all orders of interment signed and notarized by the proprietor or their representative and presented to the Cemetery Board of Trustees at least 24 hours before interment.

All orders shall be written plainly and correctly in ink. For a grave to be opened for interment and disinterment, the proprietor must request this in writing.

At least two working days notice must be given at the cemetery office before a removal can be done.

No interment or disinterment shall be made without an order and a burial permit and all fees and charges are paid in full.

No burials will take place on Sundays and Holidays.

Holidays with burials are at overtime rate. These holidays only:
Martin Luther King Day
Washington’s Birthday
Patriots Day
Bunker Hill
Columbus Day

Lots and graves are sold only to Medford residents who have been a resident of Medford for five years and is at least sixty-five years or older, are not transferable.

A one-time pre-need request may be submitted to the Oak Grove Board of Trustees for eligible Medford residents. Eligibility is 65 years of age or older and only one request per Medford address/family can be granted. Please submit the request through the cemetery office at 230 Playstead Road, Medford, MA 02155. The cemetery office will verify each pre-need request for a Medford resident address and date of birth.

A son or daughter, who is a Medford resident, may purchase a double grave for a parent who is a non-resident. One grave for the resident and one for the parent.

A mother or father, who is a Medford resident, may purchase a double grave for a son or daughter that is a non-resident. One grave for the resident and one grave for the nonresident.

Each single grave allows for two interments and for two cremations.

Oak Grove Cemetery Board of Trustees requests that when there is a change of address for title-holders of graves to please inform the cemetery office in writing at 230 Playstead Road, Medford, MA 02155.