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No baskets or containers or flowers may be placed on top of headstone or monument

1. Monuments may be erected subject to the approval of the Trustees. No objectionable design will be permitted and only granite and bronze will be allowed. The Board of Trustees will decide what monuments are “objectionable.”

2. The Cemetery Department will not be responsible for marble statues, monuments, or marble fixtures.

3a. A permit with a sketch and the size of the monument must be submitted to the Board of Trustees for approval. Lot and grave numbers and letters must appear on all bases.

3b. Monuments are restricted to the following limits:

One Grave: 2’2”x1’2”x3’0” high
Two Graves: 3’0”x1’2”x3’0” high
Three Graves: 4’0”x1’2”x3’0” high
Four Graves: 5’0”x1’6”x4’0” high
Six Graves: 6’0”x1’6”x4’0” high
Eight Graves: 8’0”x1’6”x4’0” high

3c. Corner lots having larger square footage may apply to the Board of Trustees for a larger monument. No monument will exceed ten (10) feet overall length under any circumstances.

4. Only one monument will be allowed on a grave or lot.

1. Foot Markers are allowed on 4 grave lots (8 interments) or larger.

2. Veterans Markers are permitted on any grave where a United States Veteran is interred.

3. All building foundations must be done by the Cemetery Department.

4. All work of setting and handling of monuments will be under the supervision of the Superintendent or his/her foreman. The inscribing and setting of monuments will be permitted only during regular hours of 8:00a.m. to 11:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. (Monday through Friday).

5. Orders for foundations for Memorial Day will not be accepted after May 10th. No orders for foundations will be accepted after November 1st until the frost is out of the ground in the spring. No setting of monuments when ground is covered with ice and snow.

6. The minimum charge for a foundation (graves or lots) is $200.00 for each grave, and all additional “Foot Markers” is $200.00 ($100.00 SF+).

7. Payment for foundations must be made before monument is set.

8. All work in the cemetery must be done during working hours.

9. No setting of monuments on Saturday or holidays.

10. Eternal flames, candles or solar lanterns will not be allowed in any part of the Cemetery.

Rules Appeal

Any aggrieved person may petition the Board of Trustees if he or she believes and exception to the within described rules is warranted.