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Motor Vehicle Taxes

Motor Vehicle Excise Tax

I no longer own the vehicle?

You may be entitled to an abatement, contact the Assessors office by phone (781)393-2435, e-mail assessors@medford.org or in person at City Hall.

I moved out of Medford and I got an excise bill?

Excise bills are payable to the city/town of Massachusetts in which you lived as of January 1st of each year. If you moved to another city/town in Massachusetts after January 1st, you would still pay Medford. If you moved prior to January 1st, you can contact the Assessor’s office for an abatement (see above) so you can be billed by the city/town in which you lived on January 1st.

Change of address?

All change of addresses should be made to your registration with the Registry of Motor Vehicles.

What if I do not receive an excise tax bill?

You can request a copy by calling the Treasurer/Collectors Office at (781)393-2550 or by e-mail at collector@medford.org.

When are the payments due for Motor Vehicle Excise?

Payment of the motor vehicle excise is due within 30 days from the date the excise bill is issued.

A person who does not receive a bill is still liable for the excise plus any interest charges accrued. Therefore, it is important to keep the Registry and the post office informed of current names and addresses so that the excise bills can be delivered promptly.

All owners of motor vehicles must pay an excise tax; therefore, it is the responsibility of the owner to contact the Treasurer/Collectors office if you have not received a bill.

What if I mail in my excise tax payment late?

If an excise is not paid within 30 days from the issue date, the account will be assessed a $10.00 demand charge plus interest. If payment in full (including the demand charge) is not received within 14 days of the demand date issued, a warrant with additional charges will be issued. Warrants are turned over to our Deputy Collector, Kelley and Ryan Associates, for further collection and Registry action. Once an excise tax matter has been referred to Kelley and Ryan Associates, no payment may be made at City Hall.

My vehicle’s registration and driver’s license has been marked for Non-Renewal at the Registry of Motor Vehicles; how do I clear this at the Registry?

Payment has to be made to our Deputy Collector Kelley and Ryan Associates (508)473-9660 or www.kelleyryan.com.

I need a copy of paid excise for my taxes?

Send request and a self addressed stamped envelope to the Treasurer/Collectors Office, 85 GP Hassett Drive, Medford, MA 02155 or by e-mail at collector@ medford.org.