Welcome to Medford, Massachusetts!


Ann Marie Irwin, Treasurer/Collector
Judith Johnston, Assistant Treasurer/Collector
Perry Wilmarth, Deputy Collector

Email: collector@medford.org

Medford City Hall
85 George P. Hassett Dr.
Medford, MA 02155

Phone: 781-393-2550

Fax: 781 393-2533

Open: Monday - Friday at 8:30 am
Closed: Mon, Tues, Thurs at 4:30 pm
Closed: Wed at 7:30 pm and Fri at 12:30 pm



The treasurer and collector shall act as the treasurer of the city and shall exercise all the powers and duties of such office and, in addition thereto, shall collect all accounts due the city pursuant to M.G.L.A. c. 41, § 38A. The treasurer and collector shall receive, receipt for, and have the care and custody of the current funds of the city and pay all drafts and other orders directed to him from the auditing department. The treasurer and collector shall be the custodian of all tax deeds of land held by the city and as soon as may be convenient cause any real estate to be sold for the nonpayment of a tax or assessment. The treasurer and collector shall, as soon as possible after receiving any tax list bills and warrant, distribute bills to both residents and non-residents is authorized and empowered to use any and all lawful means for collecting the taxes committed to him.


The Treasurer/Collector’s Office will provide professional courteous service to all. We will answer all inquiries in a timely manner. We will take all necessary steps, allowable by law, to collect on all accounts.

Pay Bills Online

The City of Medford provides a safe and convenient way for you to pay the following bills online:

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