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Dog Licenses

Dog owners must license any dog 6 months or older. Licenses are available from the City Clerk’s Office and are valid for the calendar year.

To obtain a dog license – Provide the City Clerk’s Office the following information: owner’s name, owner’s address, telephone number, dog’s name, telephone number, breed, color, and age. For a male or female dog, the fee is $15.00. For a neutered male or a spayed female, the fee is $10.00. Proof of spaying or neutering must be submitted with the initial license application. Verification of rabies vaccination must also be submitted each year, but, in most instances, the information has been sent directly to us from the veterinarian. Renewal applications can be requested and sent to your address or you can access the online Dog License application form below.

To return a lost dog to its owner – Contact the Animal Control Officer at 781-393-2563 or Medford Police 781-396-9400 with the tag number and year.

To determine if a dog is properly licensed – Call or come into the City Clerk’s Office with the owner’s name and address.