Welcome to Medford, Massachusetts!


Alicia L. Hunt, Environmental Agent
Denis W. MacDougall, Associate Environmental Agent

City Hall, Room 205
85 George P. Hassett Drive
Medford, MA 02155

Phone: 781-393-2137

Meeting Schedule:
The first and third Wednesday of the month at 6:30 PM (check calendar to confirm). Agendas are posted under Boards & Commissions.

Conservation Commission

The Medford Conservation Commission is responsible for the administration of environmental laws and policies, open space protection and management, water management, and preservation of natural features of the environment. The Commission administers and enforces the following:

Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act (MGL Chapter 131 Section 40) and associated Wetland Regulations (310 CMR 10.00)
Massachusetts Rivers Protection Act
City of Medford’s Wetlands Ordinance (Chapter 87) (PDF)
Wetland Policies

The Medford Conservation Commission is required to protect and preserve wetlands and their surrounding areas, as well as open space. The Conservation Commission consists of seven members, all of which are appointed by the Mayor. At monthly meetings, the commission members work to ensure that all construction and development projects (residential, industrial, and commercial) that may alter any wetlands, floodplains, rivers, streams, ponds, lakes and/or associated buffer zones or riverfront areas are in compliance with state and local regulations.


Heather Anderson, 102 Brooks St. 6/30/2017
Alexander Pancic, 12 Cushing St. 6/30/2018
Katie Moniz, 622 Boston Ave. 8C 6/30/2017
Lyndsey H. Colburn, 32 Parkway Road 6/30/2017
Heidi Davis, 67 Madison St. 6/30/2019
Dave Charron, 11 Waddell St. 6/30/2019
Associate: Susan Nacco, 49 Sharon St. 6/30/2016

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