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Airplane Noise

The City of Medford has been directly impacted by increased aircraft noise over City neighborhoods for the last several years. Please refer to the following documents for information about why these changes are occurring and what you can do to voice your concerns to the entities in charge.

July 13, 2017 Update

Massport has notified us that from now until August 7th, runway 4R/22L will be closed every day between 10 PM and 2 PM the following day while construction of the new light pier continues. This will have an impact on which runways get used: 33L-15R will see more traffic during those hours. We will continue to update residents as we receive information from Massport.

Presentation from May 8:

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What you can do:

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Read the City of Medford’s June 6 Press Release here.

We also urge you to contact your federal delegation regarding the elevation of the planes and frequency of flights. If your concerns are focused on the time of departures, we encourage you to contact members of our State Delegation. Our Massport and Logan airport advisory contacts are Luke Preisner (lukepreisner@hotmail.com) and Peter Houk (pbhouk@gmail.com).


Letter from Mayor Burke to MassPort (8/2/17)
Letter to Massport (9/5/17)
Letter to Mayor Walsh (9/5/17) regarding the proposed tower